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Porting Palava

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Porting Palava

OK I’ve requested my old number on purchasing a plusnet mobile sim. Entered PAC detail etc at purchase point. 
new sim arrived today with new number not old. I send text PORT to 07507307996 as advised on the instructions and I get PORT NOT DELIVERED!, What’s wrong and why ? 

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Re: Porting Palava

Hi srt3,


Thank you for your message, and I am sorry to note the inconvenience.


So that I may assist you further, please private-message the following requested data: -


1) Your mobile number

2) Full name and address, including postcode

3) Confirmation that you are the primary account holder

4) Date of birth

5) Direct Debit Date and bill amount


Best Wishes

- Ken

 Ken Bryant
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Porting Palava

I'm just about to insert my new Plusnet SIM card into my phone.

I also requested porting of my old number and entered the PAC code when ordering the SIM card.

The new card has arrived with a new number. I assume I don't have to submit the PAC again.

When will my ported number be restored? 

Does the 18:00 time point apply in this case.

I need my old number to enter a Zoom meeting.

SO, can I insert the new SIM after my Zoom meeting and still get the number back tomorrow. 

Many thanks.



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Re: Porting Palava

Just to reply to my own query!

This has been the most boring transfer from ISP (BT) to ISP and mobile provider (BT) to mobile provider. Everything went far to smoothly to make life interesting!

I ran the Plusnet Router (fibre) for four days and then reverted to the BT Smart Hub 2 with two wi-fi discs. Powered it up whilst disconnected from telephone line; changed the user name and password; plugged it into the telephone, clicked Connect and away it went, no problem, no factory reset, just unset the "Smart Setup" option.

BT have sent a large plastic bag for me to return "their" equipment for recycling, but I've had it all since before they changed their rules on returning hardware, so hopefully I'm OK.

Should they really ask for it all back, does anybody know if the little BT  wi-fi discs work with the Plusnet router and if they're any good?

Many thanks and keep safe.