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Port Delay & Problems - Very Frustrated

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Port Delay & Problems - Very Frustrated


I just wanted to find out how many other people have had Porting issues with Plusnet? 

I was re-assured my Port would complete by midnight last night, and it still hasn't, and I have been kicked off by o2 so I am left in limbo which is not ideal at all.

When speaking to customer services, although they are very polite, they are basically unable to help with anything regarding it - which is extremely frustrating.  I have been told it will be sorted as soon as possible, but that no timescale is able to be given.  I have also since read on here a number of other customers having to wait 5/6 days!!  Surely it can't be that difficult??  And the fact that this seems to be a constant problem for many customers suggests there are some issues with the network?Huh

Definitely wish I had done some more research on the company before signing up ... Lesson well and truly learnt. 

Be interesting to hear from others how long you had to wait, so I can prepare myself!



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Re: Port Delay & Problems - Very Frustrated

Yes lots of people have problems with

Number ports

New sim activation

Data not working

Texts not working

Regular loss of service with no notification

People on some other services unable to contact you


No-one knows how long anything will take to be resolved or even if it ever will be resolved.

Plusnet apparently have a 5 day minimum (yes minimum) turm around with their 'supplier'

ie you will need to ring them, and they will do nothing before 5 days have passed since you reported the problem, and wont do anything even then unless you ring them again ... and they will probably know nothing even after 5 days.

They seem to rely on the issue or customer 'just going away'

Worst part is when they repeatedly ask you for examples of others failing to get through to you again and again.


and No, you will not be contacted with any updates or resolution regarding your ongoing Plusnet issue(s)

Very rarely will the service status page report ANY problem however widespread (especially if widespread?)


There sometimes seem to be occasional exceptions to these rules. But I'm sure thats just an occasional  misconception on our part.



Just like the week long ongoing issues with failures to properly register SIMs (and/or customer profiles) they send out.

Failing to properly process PN sims/customer profiles seems to be a common issue causing all sorts of problem in addition to the simple unreliability of the service itself thats been going on for at least 2 years



I know its a strange concept to move to a more 'expensive' service, and the strangeness of that concept is clearly what  PN rely on, but cheap aint cheap if it simple doesnt do the job when you need it to.



Take the simple fact that its 3 hours since you raised this serious issue here on a normal workday morning, and that AFTER calling customer services

.. and you've got nowhere.

Says it all really/


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Port Delay & Problems - Very Frustrated

Hi @michward11, thanks for getting in touch.


I am really sorry for the issues you have encountered with the porting of your telephone number. We'd be happy to take a look into this for you if you would like to private message:

-your full name
-your full address including postcode
-your mobile number




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 Alice Baillie
 Plusnet Help Team