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Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

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Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

Hi Guys,

I need some help here. I signed up for 2 SIMs, because I used to be a Plusnet customer & it was a good deal. I checked the coverage & it showed my house & said "excellent 4G" on both Plusnet & EE coverage checkers. Also I was at the end of my tether with BT & O2, something had to change.

Sadly, however, since changing, every EVERY time I look at my handset it says "emergency calls only", and when I unlock it the message goes away, implying a signal. Every EVERY time I then try to make a call I get "no network available".

That's pants.

I haven't yet found out what my work signal is like.

I had heard/read (google came up with hundreds of similar complaints about plusnet) that EE might do a box which would provide an indoor signal & use my broadband. Not entirely sure I want to spend £40 on such a device, but it might be an option if I KNEW that it would work.

Depends on the office coverage really. The coverage checker says "GOOD" but we now know how unreliable that is. I could write an app which tells lies too!

Any comment from Plusnet on this subject?

Any comments from the community?

Anyone using one of thewse EE boxes & does it work? (what frequencies does it transmit, just so I can check my handset will benefit!).

No response is also an answer, but it will mean not being a Plusnet customer again.


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Re: Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

Depending on handset are you able to take advantage of WiFi Calling?


I use this at home (EE) as the signal on all networks is so poor.

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Re: Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

The EE box won't work with a Plusnet SIM , you need to have an EE account.

I'm afraid Plusnet don't support WiFi calling either...

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Re: Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

Hi I find this Ofcom site gives a better idea what coverage you may get that the companies own sites

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Re: Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

interesting the map is for outdoors only but the text result is accurate for me with the proviso that for me 4G is for the 800MHz band which the EE piggyback suppliers  (Plusnet, Asda and BT) don't supply

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Re: Poor Coverage utterly unlike "coverage map"

Hi lee6,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated. 

When you call to sign up with us, we do advise that the coverage checker is an estimated outdoor postcode checker and signal can be affected by a number of factors such as, the density of building materials, tree cover, weather conditions and how many people are using the network. 

We don't currently support the use of a signal booster box and can't guarantee that it will work however, if you have one, you're more than welcome to try. 

- Rebeka