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Plusnet unable to configure roaming - transatel

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Plusnet unable to configure roaming - transatel

I've had a problem with Roaming on my account that PlusNet have never been able to fix.  I have reported this error multiple times but the customer service is designed so that you can't actually get roaming to work.  It appears that plusnet have deliberately designed their system to have a 5 business day delay on making any configuration changes.


To cut a long story short, roaming has not worked in: Dublin, Barcelona, Salou, Annecy, Val D'Isere (or anywhere outside the UK).


At each destination, the CS agent has told me it is out of their control and will take 5 working days to fix.  The last time I was in Spain, they said they would send me a new sim (in September).  Now I am in France and the new sim does not work.  I called CS yesterday and the agent told me it was Plusnet's mistake as they had not enabled roaming on the 'Transatel' server that is used for roaming.  Again the agent told me it would take 5 working days.  I asked to speak to a manager and was told none was available.  I was told a manager would call back and I provided an alternative number on which I could be contacted.  Again, no call arrived.


I am very dissatisfied that Plusnet know it is their problem but won't make the change on my account until I am back in the UK.  The agent on the phone told me that he couldn't change that setting.  The team that makes that setting focus on answering forum posts so deliberately wait 5 days until they make that setting change.  This is very poor service!

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet unable to configure roaming - transatel

Hi i_ball_paul,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, It's much appreciated!

We're sorry you've been experiencing loss of service whilst abroad and we do work hard to provide a continuous high standard of service within the UK however, I'm afraid there's no guarantee of service availability overseas. When roaming abroad, we don't have full control of the signal strength, functionality with the masts and local network in that particular area. 

Changes to certain services on an account can be made at a Customer Service level however, some changes have to be sent across to our Operations Team for alterations at a higher network level. If this is the case, we do advise of a 5 working day response, to allow the Team to perform a thorough investigation into the initial query.

It is an automatic platform that we use to enable or disable any services; once the request is sent through, it should automatically alter the service change to the submitted request. However, on a rare occasion that this does not complete, we cannot amend this manually from a Customer Service level and it would need to be sent to our Operations Team; which is why the the 5 working day response is in place. 

I'm sorry you did not receive your manager call back as requested, I can certainly take a look into this along with your roaming query. 

In order to do so, can you please send me a Private Message with your details.


- Rebeka