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Plusnet's Sim Only Deals Query.

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Plusnet's Sim Only Deals Query.


I currently have a very basic cheap no frills non-smart phone which I've been using for years.

I've recently ordered my first smart phone from Amazon. It's due to be delivered tomorrow (Fri).

I haven't bought a Sim card fot it yet. I was going to buy it from my local EE shop whose network

I'm already on


I understand that Plusnet use the EE network for their sims. Is that right? If I ordered a Simcard from Plusnet

instead of my local EE shop, Would I still be able to use my old number? How long would it take to be delivered?

If I find I need to change the sim to a higher or lower data allowance, could I do that? Would the pack renew automaticly

every month?



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet's Sim Only Deals Query.

Hi paulm10! It's great to hear you're interested in joining and we'd love to have you on board.


We do use the EE network to deliver our service, and if you ordered a SIM from us, we'd pop it in the post First Class, so the SIM would be with you in 1-2 working days.


You can keep your old number, too - all you'd need to do is get in touch with your old provider, ask for a PAC code, and then we can bring your number across. 


Our SIMs are 30-day rolling contracts, which means the tariff will refresh every month until you give us 30 days' notice of cancellation. You're welcome to change tariff at any time, too, all you'd need to do is get in touch with us and we can get you on a new tariff on your next Bundle Refresh Date.


If you have any further questions, please do let me know Smiley