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Plusnet abroad

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Plusnet abroad


I don't have any service abroad i.e. can't make or receive calls / texts. Whenever I try to register with a local network provider it states that the 'selected network is unavailable'.

And ideas? Thanks
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Re: Plusnet abroad

Hi @pete87

In order to use your SIM whilst abroad, we'll need to activate your International and Roaming Services and this should enable you to receive a connection. It usually takes up to two hours to activate, but if you could send me a private message with your details; I'll ensure this is sorted for you! Smiley 

Also, using your SIM overseas isn't included within your allowance and it will charge extra. You can view the varied charges via our website: -Ashleigh

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Re: Plusnet abroad


I have been abroad in EU in May, and as I am one of the "few" who started with Life Mobile I have verbally on the phone whilst speaking with your customer support enabled "making calls while roaming" and although I waited for 7 days (rather than 2 hours I was advised it would take) it has not been turned on. I have advanced monies at the time so I would have available credit, but this has not helped either.

There is no option to enable either Roaming or Roam Like At Home in my Plusnet Account and hence it concerns I will not be able to use my phone whilst going abroad again. Can you please sort this out urgently please?

And advice if it is working (before summer!).

kind regards,


(otherwise happy customer)

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Re: Plusnet abroad

I seem to recall having a similar problem in Tenerife earlier this year. When I tried to register on a local network provider. It also reported that the 'selected network is unavailable'. However not to put off I did another scan of available networks and tried each one in turn until I found one that works. In Tenerife I think it was 'Orange'.