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Plusnet abroad

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Plusnet abroad

A few questions about travelling. I'm aware of the costs of calls/texts and data  

Do I need anything 'turned on' for calls/roaming when abroad or is all turned on by default?

I realise there are plenty of apps for making wifi calls and I can use Skype, FaceTime, watsapp and so on  

When I turn my mobile data off or turn on airplane mode what will any caller hear? Does the call go straight to voicemail? Does the number ring out? Or something else? Does it make any difference if I turn my iPhone off completely?



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Re: Plusnet abroad


Hi @Davesona


If you signed up with us after the launch to plusnet mobile on the 29th November you will automatically have International and Roaming access turned on, this is what allows you to have access to your services abroad.


If you turn mobile data off you will still have access to calls and text messages, however if your were to put your phone into Airplane mode this would prevent your SIM from connecting to our Network and stop any calls, texts or data coming through; if any one did attempt to call you at this time it would go to Voice mail if you have this set up. This would be the same if you have your device turned off.


Hope this helps Smiley