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Plusnet Mobile -what a dead loss

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Registered: ‎13-12-2016

Plusnet Mobile -what a dead loss

Plusnet really seemed to have screwed this service up. I was expecting as an existing customer to press a few buttons and a SIM would arrive. However it seems the mobile operation is a completely separate entity with minimal data sharing from the broadband account. Tried to buy a SIM online -failed to recognise my login credentials. Called up and I had to provide my life history and all my details despite plusnet already knowing this stuff. Then still failed to complete as they could not find my broadband account. Decided plusnet had already had 30 minutes of my life and gave up. It is a pretty poor arrangement as the attraction was a single supplier. Going elsewhere. 

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Re: Plusnet Mobile -what a dead loss



I’m sorry to hear you’re wanting to find a different provider, that’s not something we want to see happen.


We do working on a separate system, which is due to us previously being LIFE Mobile and have rebranded as a part of the plusnet organisation; however are still one company.


If we’re having issues finding your broadband account whilst your signing up this may be an error in our system, but once you’ve received your SIM we will be able to contact our Operations Team who can look into this for you.


If you want to discuss this further feel free drop me a Private Message.