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Plusnet Mobile carrier?

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Registered: ‎13-09-2017

Plusnet Mobile carrier?

I own an old Oppo Find 7 phone. Quite high spec for what it is.


I charged it up and inserted my Plusnet sim tonight and the carrier is showing as T-Mobile which was a bit of a shock. When I set it to EE it lost the signal and reset itself back to T-Mobile. The APN shows as EE Anywhere so I'm slightly confused now. Some of the APN settings such as the Proxy and a few others weren't set so I entered them from the example shown on here but the carrier still shows as T-Mobile.

My other phone that I normally use is a WileyFox Swift and the network is correctly shown as Plusnet on that.

Any ideas?


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Re: Plusnet Mobile carrier?

Mine currently shows as EE, sometimes it shows as EE-Plusnet and sometimes as just Plusnet. Nothing to worry about if it works and certainly nothing to be 'shocked' about. Wink