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Plusnet Mobile Voicemail - The Definitive Guide for New & not so New Users.

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Plusnet Mobile Voicemail - The Definitive Guide for New & not so New Users.

Plusnet Mobile Voicemail - The Definitive Guide for New & not so New Users.

Regardless of which mobile operator you are with, you’ll probably find that voicemail these days feels very clunky and difficult to manage. Sad

Many people have stopped using voicemail, but assuming you would like to configure your voicemail correctly here is the definitive guide, aimed at new users, but even if you have been with Plusnet for years it might help. Wink

Plusnet mobile voicemail is actually pretty straightforward compared to some, with limited user options which makes it easy to configure. Thumbs_Up


Call 555 from your Plusnet mobile,  & what you will hear will depend on whether you have any new messages yet. If so you will hear the message(s) and then be presented with a series of options about what you like to do with them. The key options here are 

1) Archive (Save)
2) Delete

The rest relate to moving between messages assuming you have more than one, and moving between menu options. If you do nothing the message will be archived.

If you have no new messages you will be presented with three options. 

1) Listen to your archived messages
2) Modify your welcome greeting
3) Modify your personal options

 The first thing you should do is set an access or pin code, this enables you to keep your mail box secure.

So press 3) then 1) and then enter a 4 digit code that you will remember, repeat this when requested and it should now ask you for your previous access code. You don’t have one so you should hang up. (trust me on this).Angel

Next you need to decide on a greeting . The default original greeting is truncated, meaningless and short so you’ll want to change it.

Call 555 from your Plusnet (Pn) mobile and select option 2)

The key options here are.

1) Primary Greeting
3) Name

and a workaround to make your greeting anonymous.

If you wish to record your own bespoke greeting hit 1) then follow the instructions, validate the message by pressing # this will make the greeting active.
If you wish to record your name hit 3)

For an anonymous greeting hit 3 and when prompted record, or get someone else to record the words “the person you are calling”. Again don’t forget to validate.

 Now ring your own new Pn number from another phone and if everything has worked, you should hear the greeting you selected.

You should now press * whilst the message is playing and enter your PIN. This will give you remote access to your mailbox as if you were calling from your own Pn mobile.

You also have the options to set mandatory pin access required when calling 555 from your own Pn phone, whether to record a second bespoke ‘temporary’ greeting, to save re-recording the primary greeting, and whether to allow callers to leave messages or not.

The 'more information' options describe some functions that are no longer there so you should ignore those.

To change the length of time your phone rings before going to voicemail enter this (mmi) code into your keypad or dialer as if you were making a phone call. Make sure you enter the numbers exactly as written, then press send.


 The xx at the end being the number of seconds you require before voicemail activates:

 Eg:.   **61*+447870020555*11*15# for 15 seconds

You can change from up to 30 and down to 05.

There is bound to be other mmi codes available to manage voicemail, or 'pro' hints and tips, so if anybody knows any good ones feel free to post a reply.Thumbs_Up

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Re: Plusnet Mobile Voicemail - The Definitive Guide for New & not so New Users.

Thanks Mav

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