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PlusNet Mobile - Excellent Speeds! :)

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PlusNet Mobile - Excellent Speeds! :)

Like many others, I was thrilled to see PlusNet launch a mobile service using the EE Network at very competitive prices - cheaper than I was paying on Three and safe in the knowledge the network speed would be a lot better.


The £10/month unlim mins/texts/4GB data for my partner's phone was too good too miss - £1.50 cheaper a month and provided x4 the data as on Three @ £11.50 with also non-limited call and text allowances.  For me, I basically am on the same deal as I was with Three (Unlim calls, texts and 8GB data) but now with -£2.00 cheaper per months (£15 now, £17 on Three) and with EE being the carrier - awesome deal I thought.


However, I have to admit when I read this forum, I had that sinking feeling making the switch to PlusNet Mobile was going to be a mistake due to the volume of reported issues.  My experience during the first few days of port process made my heart sink that this was indeed the case.


I'll start with the only 'bad bit' I've had so far as a warning for others which made me feel this way:


When I called customer services, I was successfully able to use a pair of PAC codes I had from my previous provider, Three, to make the switch and was told the port would normally take 2 days but they were very busy and to expect delays up to 5 days.


Sure enough the port went through nearly exactly 48 hours after I requested it (on my Three SIM, it went to emergency calls only) so I knew it was time to pop the PlusNet SIM in.  After doing so.... no internet.  I struggled even perform a manual roam and I could not for the life of me get a data signal (no 'H' or '4G' showing next to the signal strength indicator) - I wasn't aware there was any 'downtime' for a while whilst the port went though.


When I called customer services in the evening, they assured me that this was normal and would continue for up to another 24 hours and to call back if the issue persists.  I thought this might have been a 'fob-off' but sure enough she was right; the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a 4G signal inside my house!  Something I'd never had on Three.


So to counter the the negative posts on this forum, I thought I'd do some speed benchmarks (yes I'm a geek) and starting at home (after turning my WiFi off to make use of the mobile network) I got the following result inside:  27.38Mbps down, 8.63Mbps up and a ping of 31 - very satisfied with that Smiley


On my usual York-Leeds train commute I performed some more tests to verify the speed ( links included to verify my claims!):


Micklefield station - 28.04Mpbs Down | 9.63Mbps up | 35ms Ping:


East Garforth station - 23.35Mpbs Down | 3.06Mbps up | 39ms Ping

(Usually this is where I got a 'black spot' and no coverage at all with Three):


Leeds station - 20.08Mpbs Down | 8.57Mbps up | 35ms Ping

(Where I only got 3G and about 1Mbps before with Three):


So as well as excellent speeds, I was amazed to see my phone (whilst on the train and moving!) was able to maintain a 4G signal which enabled me to stream videos off YouTube without any buffering at an excellent quality (which was virtually impossible on Three - I was essentially forced to download videos in advance of my journey with an app called 'TubeMate').


Very satisfied now the switch has completed - well done PlusNet!


Looking forward to a PlusNet Mobile unlimited tariff in 2017 (one can hope!) Wink

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: PlusNet Mobile - Excellent Speeds! :)

Hi TerminatorUK,


Thanks for taking the timeout for your feedback, it's much appreciated! I'm glad your enjoying your mobile services and benefiting from all the goodies that Plusnet mobile has to offer you. It's fantastic to have you on board with us and I'll be sure to feed this back to our Customer Service Team as they love to hear such positive reviews! 

If there's anything you need, be sure to give us a shout and we'll help in anyway we can!


- Rebeka Smiley