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Phone stopped working

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Phone stopped working

Hello.  Can anyone help me please.  I’m on holiday in Norfolk and my phone suddenly stopped working.  Showing 'no service'.  

Can't ring out and can’t send texts.  Have WiFi and can WhatsApp but otherwise dead.  I need my make calls.  

Anyone know what’s going on?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. 

Thank you 

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Re: Phone stopped working

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Re: Phone stopped working

Hi @WendyB


I'm really sorry to hear about this but @Gel is correct as on occasion you can be in an area with poor signal. 


Please feel free to PM the postcode area you are currently in as we can check if there are any known issues in your area.


To help narrow things down, can you please confirm if this signal issue is only happening where you are holidaying? 


So that we can check over your account, when able, can you please PM your Mobile number, Name, Full address, postcode and also confirm you are the account holder? 


Kind Regards