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PORTing number problems and poor "My Account " Page

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PORTing number problems and poor "My Account " Page

I too have had a problem porting my phone number onto a new PN SIM.

I followed the instructions on the card that came with the SIM

Text PORT to 07507 307996
I replied to the message asking for the PAC code
I replied to the message to give the number I wanted to transfer in to
The replied confirming the information was correct

Then waited. What I didn’t know then is you are supposed to get a text back saying
“your port request is confirmed and will complete in 1 working day if submitted by 6pm.”

So when I went online and used the Chat facility to ask support why – they said they didn’t get the confirmation.
So they were very helpful and went through it all with me again.


What I suggest is needed – is the “My Account” webpage should have all this information on it – with a button to request PORTing in, with fields for PAC code and number. And then when this information has been accepted by the system the My account page should show this and in case it doesn’t another status section so you can query it or repeat the process etc.
Maybe they need to send a txt to the phone with a code to enter onto the webpage for security too.
I think the “Mobile Account” page needs expanding and being made more helpful. My “Giffgaff Account page is a model to copy – you can request a PAC – when done it keeps the PAC on the page. It allows you to top up the account if you think you will need it - like when going abroad, change your account plan, add auto topup, order more SIMS, replace a SIM, report a lost or stolen SIM/phoe etc etc.

I suggest Plusnet get a couple of Giffgaff accounts and have a look.


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Re: PORTing number problems and poor "My Account " Page

Hi Mal08!

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you experienced with your port-in, this is certainly not our usual high standard of service that we provide and this has now been raised with the relevant department for improvement.

With regards to your 'My Account' feedback, we don't provide the port-in button online as a measure of extra security however, I'll certainly take this on board and pass this along to the relevant department for review. 

If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

- Rebeka Smiley