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PAC Code

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PAC Code

What is it and how do I get it?

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Re: PAC Code

A PAC, Porting Authorisation Code, is required when switching mobile phone providers and when you want to keep your existing mobile phone number.


You obtain the PAC from your existing provider and pass that to the new provider along with the number you wish to port (keep).

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Re: PAC Code

Hope this helps ......and don't blame you. Shocking customer service.

If you’re looking to move your mobile number over to us you’ll need to get your PAC code by contacting your current provider. Once you’ve got that, follow our moving your mobile guide to start the process.If you’re looking to move your number away from us, you’ll need to contact us before you cancel your service. Your PAC code will last for 30 days, if it is not used by this time your service will continue and you’ll need to request it.