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One week and two days with no incoming calls or Texts, and counting!

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Registered: ‎19-04-2017

One week and two days with no incoming calls or Texts, and counting!

Hi all,

seems that theres some kind of issue with Plusnets mobile systems. Looking around many posts on this community there seems to be many people who cannot either receive or make calls or texts!


My phone hasn't been able to receive calls or texts since last Monday, thats 10 days ago, and there still sounds like its not going to be fixed in the near future! I've talked to 'support' no less than 6 times now and each time I get either a different excuse, or I get told that 'operations will have to look into this, and this might take 5 days'.

Guys, we all have mobile phones so we can be contacted by other people! If they can't call us, then that sort of is a big problem - how long before someone in Plusnet actually realises that and helps us!?

 So hopefully someone from Plusnet might actually see this rant i'm typing at the moment, and actually pull their finger out and do something, rather than tell me again that 'operations will have to look into this, and that might take 5 days' This is not good enough! Its all very well your support people telling me I will be compensated, but I don't care about that. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE MY PHONE!!


I'd love some kind of constructive reply to this post from someone at Plusnet please - I have been told on few of my calls to support, that this is a 'known problem', but no one has actually told me what the problem is. I've had a new SIM and tried this SIM in a few other phones, but it still doesn't work... And i'm sure you can see my frustration from this post!

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Re: One week and two days with no incoming calls or Texts, and counting!

Hi @MattJRogers

Thanks for getting in touch and bringing this to our attention. I'm extremely sorry to hear this has been your experience; I appreciate it isn't an ideal situation and I can assure you we'll do our very best to help. 

Sadly, we're not able to discuss specific account information via a public forum and we'll need to treat each circumstance raised individually. Connection issues can often be quite complex and if you're ever experiencing an issue with your service, we'll always run through our troubleshooting guide as some fixes can operate from the handset. If there's still no further improvement after trying the SIM within another device/ activating a replacement SIM card etc, we would require three specific examples for our Support Team to identify the core route. Once we've sent this information across, they'll liaise with our Network Engineers to find a fix for this as quickly as possible. At this point, we do advise a five working day timescale for thorough investigation. 

I honestly believe this is something we should be able to rectify and I hope we're able to turn your experience into a more positive outcome- causing any distress or frustration certainly isn't something we intend. If you'd like to discuss your account details further, please don't hesitate to drop me a private message and I'll pick this up accordingly. -Ashleigh