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Off to a rough start (Number porting issues and no mobile data)

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Off to a rough start (Number porting issues and no mobile data)

Hi Guys,


Just joined plusnet mobile - seem to be having problems from the off. Upon searching for answers myself, I stumbled across this forum . . . Thought it might be worth posting my experience/problems see if anyone has any easy answers.


So I signed up to your £10 5GB 4G data sim on Sunday - Ordered online and got through to the payment section before your website bombed out and told me I'd need to contact you by phone.


So Monday I did just that - and ordered over the phone no big deal.


My SIM arrived this morning, I've put it into the phone and processed the port of my mobile number (using a PAC) via SMS. Received a declined SMS and asked to call. Calling you guys - there seems to be no record of this failing. A new request was processed manually again - I've since had several failed messages, although I'm told "these must be in error, everything is going through".



I thought I'd leave the SIM in to see (I can live without inbound calls for a day I guess) and use a bit of data while I wait . . . NO DATA! A quick search indicates this to be an APN issue, but on iOS 10.3.2 this no longer looks to be configurable? Back on to your support - "Its just because the SIM is new, give it a day".


Really? Im happy to wait if thats the case - but is a number port going to really go through despite your system telling me there is an error? Is my mobile data likely to just kick in all of a sudden (I have my doubts - the SIM seems activated already)?


Is anyone around to provide any quick answers? Getting cold feet in all honesty - 3 had a very similar deal for a couple of quid more (and don't seem to be new to this).


Thanks in advance for any help.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Off to a rough start (Number porting issues and no mobile data)

Hi DayVe300, 


I'm very sorry to hear you've had some issues with porting your number. 


During a port you can lose some of your services temporarily and these will re-activate when the port completes. 


In this case it does sound like you may need to reconfigure your APN settings and I'm very sorry if you were misadvised about this. 
If you drop me a PM I'd be happy to help you out with this and get you up and running again. 

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Re: Off to a rough start (Number porting issues and no mobile data)

Thanks for the swift reply Sarah.


Been messing with the phones configuration - After deleting my original configuration I now appear to have usable data. Just got 25MB/s on speed test so it certainly looks like its 4G data.


Since writing this I also appear to have had a couple of identical SMS and an email saying my port is progressing . . . So I guess I'll wait and see. Would be nice to see in My Account the status of said port (maybe something for your dev team).



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Re: Off to a rough start (Number porting issues and no mobile data)

HI @DayVe3000


I've had a similar issue. I have an iPhone 6, ported my number over from EE last week and have had no data since. Perhaps it's an iPhone + EE issue...

How did you delete your original configuration?

I think I've tried everything but maybe you've discovered something that I haven't thought of?