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Number transferred to Plusnet before SIM card arrived

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Registered: ‎01-02-2021

Number transferred to Plusnet before SIM card arrived


I've got an issue where my mobile number has been transferred from my old network to Plusnet, but my SIM card has not yet arrived, leaving me without a phone to use.

I followed the instructions when setting up a new account, entering my PAC when prompted. I'm now left without a working phone, and paying for a service I can't yet use.

Due to the ongoing pandemic our post has been extremely slow, and I'm now worried I may not have a phone for some time.

I called Plusnet on Saturday morning, and was told it was my fault for entering the PAC number before my SIM card arrived, despite me simply following the instructions when creating the account. Clearly I would not have done this had I been warned that the switch would take place before I had my new account set up.