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Number porting; day 11...

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Number porting; day 11...

I am slowly losing the will to live waiting for my old number to be ported across - Orange are adamant that my old number was realised the moment the PAC code was created. Plusnet state that they have a list of 56 customers whose numbers need porting by hand!? but that was on Friday morning... time to look for a new mobile/landline/broadband provider?

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Re: Number porting; day 11...

Hi Mark73,

I sincerely apologise if you have experienced a delay with your port, I can assure you that this is certainly not what we aim for here at Plusnet mobile. When porting a number across, the usual timescale is 1 working day providing it is processed before 6pm and after 6pm, can be up to 2 working days. If the port has passed the timescale, it'll be flagged with our Network Team who'll investigate this further. I completely understand the frustration in this situation and the inconvenience it must be causing you, however rest assured, our Network Team will be doing all they can to have this fixed for you and make sure you’re port in is completed as quickly as possible.

Feel free to send me a private message and I can check to see if there are any updates on this.

- Rebeka 

 Rebeka Preston
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Re: Number porting; day 11...

I'm on day 8 if you're counting from when it should have ported. I moved from BT so effectively the same company. I must be in the other 56! Not a good start.

And why do I need 3 separate accounts - phone & GB, mobile 1 and mobile 2?

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Re: Number porting; day 11...

Hi @Keithb1,


Plusnet are a part of the BT brand, however we do operate as a separate entity, which is why we need to port numbers across. I understand the delay in this process can be frustrating, and cause inconvenience for yourself, but rest assured this will have been flagged with our Operations Team once it exceeded the advised 24 hours so will be worked on to be pushed through as quickly as possible.


The mobile system run differently from the broadband which is why this accounts stay separate, and the SIM are managed on separate accounts as this easier for controlling spending, and actions on the accounts. If you'd like me to take a look into your account feel free to drop me a PM. - Emily