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Number Porting

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Number Porting

I have placed my number port on Friday 5th May night, it was after 6pm on the Friday. 

The bank holiday I know would've knocked it out of schedule, on the day of my number port was scheduled to go through (9th) a bolt on was added to my account with a bill to be paid on 16th May for £6, this I didn't order and my data on my account online was showing only that bolt on data and not the 5gb. 


The bolt on issue as far as I know has been resolved in which it has been left on my account as a freebie, that I wont use but we are now hitting the 11th May and I have not had my number port go through, this is a matter of urgency for myself as I volunteer for an animal rescue and the number I have had for 10yr or so is important that it gets transferred asap as many will contact me with the volunteer work I do with being at the higher end of decision making and advice within the charity.



I understand complications can happen but the bolt on issue and no real detail given regarding number port and a hang up from an adviser whilst discussing the problem has put a bad taste in my mouth in the early stages of moving to plusnet.

I am looking for a clear answer in regard to when my number port will go through as the number I had is now dead from previous supplier and I have concerns I will lose the number although advisers have suggested that wont happen, they also have advised number port would go through between 12-6 Wednesday, then Midnight, move goal posts to Thursday and now we are hours away from Friday, a full week from when I placed number port.

Any information, advice will be gladly appreciated in regard to my number port as I am concerned regarding the animal rescue charity I volunteer for.





Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Number Porting

Sorry to hear your port hasn't gone smoothly, LynnP.


Because of the way the porting process works, it's difficult for us to give exact timescales, but I'd like to open up the account and have a look at what's going on here.


Could you please Private Message me with your Plusnet Mobile number so I get started?