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No mobile data after moving from TalkTalk

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Registered: ‎27-05-2018

No mobile data after moving from TalkTalk

Hi can you help me I’ve joined Plusnet 6 weeks now and since then my mobile data hasn’t  worked, everytime I go to safari I get message “could not activate mobile data network you are not subscribed to a mobile Data service” it’s like it is locked to TalkTalk carrier. I’m using a iPhone 6s phone which doesn’t allow to to enter APN settings manually. I’m this close to move to another network who would help me sort this problem. Can someone HELP ME.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No mobile data after moving from TalkTalk

Hi Kalpesh,

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to connect to data services on your mobile but not to worry, there are some troubleshooting steps that we can try. Smiley

Can you please perform the following:

  • Turn your handset off
  • Take your SIM card out
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes
  • Replace the SIM card
  • Turn the handset back on again

It's important to ensure that the SIM has been removed from the handset entirely when re-booting. This is to allow it to disconnect and establish a new connection to the network upon re-boot. 

Network reset

Following the re-boot, can you please perform a network reset. This can be done by:

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If data is still not accessible, you'll need to check the handset to ensure that there are no previous network profiles stored, If so, you'll need to delete these and restart your handset.

- Rebeka