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No data with my new plusnet mobile 4g sim

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No data with my new plusnet mobile 4g sim

Just inherited an old iphone 4 and my new plusnet 4g sim says "no service" most of the time.

Have tried it for a day in different areas where others seem to get a gig service with other networks

no problem.

I can only use this plusnet sim when I am in a wifi area - the plusnet 4g bit does not seem to work.

Have been using it in my old Nokia mobile but when I changed to a smartphone it is not

doing the smart bit!  My friends old O2 sim worked perfectly in this old iphone 4 but my plusnet

4g sim give me "no service" most of the time.

Having just read some of the posts on this forum I am beginning to think I have made a mistake

changing from O2 to plusnet EE.


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Re: No data with my new plusnet mobile 4g sim

Hi HelenD, thanks for getting in touch, so sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues with signal Sad
We do have some standard trouble shooting methods that should solve the problems you are experiencing:

Firstly, try turning the phone off and taking the SIM out for 10 minutes, when you place the SIM back in the phone and turn it on, put the phone into flight mode for a further 10 minutes.
If this is unsuccessful, you will need to reset the network settings, to do this: Tap Settings > GeneralReset > Reset Network Settings.
It could be that there is a network issue in your area, and you can check if that's the case here: (just type in your postcode and see if any issues have been reported!)
You could also be in a low-signal area, (check that here: but if this is true then we won't be able to offer further assistance as we cannot guarantee signal. You would have been advised of this when signing up also.

Please do try the troubleshooting above, and let us know how you get on Smiley If the problems persist, don't hesitate in sending us a PM so we can access your account for further investigation Smiley Thanks - Liv

 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team