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No coverage in new home

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No coverage in new home

Hi everyone,

Back in November my partner's contract with O2 was up and she shopped around for a new provider, and Plusnet fitted the bill. We were in the process of buying a new house (~150 miles away) so I looked on the Plusnet coverage map beforehand which showed there was signal in the new house, so she signed up and ported her number over, and everything was working fine.

We got the keys to the new house last week and it turns out she has zero signal anywhere in the house or garden (in fact, there is no coverage on any network). My mobile is on the 3 network and they provided me with a broadband-femtocell which works very well. What she'd like to do is cancel her PN contract and sign up with 3 instead to use the same femtocell. From looking at the T&Cs it looks like she can only cancel within 14 days of signing up, but that time has since passed.

What are her options here? It wouldn't be great to get stung with early termination fees for a mobile she can't use at home.



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Re: No coverage in new home

Welcome to the Forum  matt_b


Did she sign up to a 30 day or 12 month contract ?

I find this very good you can enter your address




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Re: No coverage in new home

The problem with some(most) checkers is they give the coverage map for the primary network, in this case EE. Whilst PlusNet uses the EE network, it is an MVNO and does not have access to all the network bands. We know that PlusNet do not have access to the 4g 800Mhz (Band 20) and so if looking at EE 4g network coverage using a checker, that will not reflect the 4g coverage available to PlusNet customers. I believe PlusNet's own coverage checker does take this into account, although I have my doubts sometimes...

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Re: No coverage in new home

Totally agree but if you see  below you think you are getting full EE and everything EE offer not full coverage and  no short texts



Top class coverage

Plusnet Mobile is proud to use the EE network

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Re: No coverage in new home

@Anonymous wrote: Did she sign up to a 30 day or 12 month contract ?

The big question ........


@matt_b  if its 12 months  

30 days, just give 30 days notice and move on.


Will need to get a PAC if she wants to keep the same number with a new Telco.


I must say that when I found myself in exactly the same boat with Three I contacted them and they cancelled the contract (had been running 4 months), without any further charges - due to the no signal and with no plans to improve it.


As it says in the Plusnet mobile ad


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Top class coverage

Plusnet Mobile is proud to use the EE network. With 4G in more places than any other UK network you'll rarely struggle to fill those signal bars.


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Re: No coverage in new home

Hi  idonno

Your link is not working for some reason  this is the link

Also you pay a month in advance so depending when you give notice to leaving  charge will be different

Like your comment Nuff said!