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No Push Notifications on Data

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No Push Notifications on Data

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone can help as I'm running out of patience.

Got a new plusnet SIM card couple of weeks ago and ported old number.

Since then whatsapp notifications haven't worked.

Reset the settings, reinstalled the app, had a new SIM card, still no joy.

Tried SIM card in another phone and still doesn't work. Yet the other plusnet SIM card we have works in both phones with no problem.

I've got an app that checks push notifications and it says they don't work on data, wifi no problems.

Customer services don't seem to be able to help anymore so just wondered if anyone had any ideas or advice.

Thanks in advance

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Re: No Push Notifications on Data

Sounds like it's your account settings and not the sim, I can't see how a sim could only affect one app anyway.


Have you worked through the following: or depending on phone.


I might add that Whatsapp works on mine as intended.