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No Mobile Service - Leeds LS15 8FQ

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Re: No Mobile Service - Leeds LS15 8FQ

Quite right. Horses for courses and different people find different things useful,

with any lack of reliable core call access making any mobile phone service not just utterly pointless, but a darned liability IMO.


I do find wifi and VoLTE calling very useful beyond what systems like whatsapp offer, but they all still do have their little niggles.




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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Mobile Service - Leeds LS15 8FQ

Hi @allanmac 

I've picked up the message you sent @LaurenB as she's currently out of the office.

Once you've responded I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: No Mobile Service - Leeds LS15 8FQ

Hi Japitts. I complained to Plusnet and they said I had to complain to EE which I did. Since I have had 4 mails from them over the last three weeks saying.. "We have a problem in your area".. then 8 hours later. one saying its fixed. This has happened 4 times.  It gets better for a bit. 2 bars.. then after a while fades off.. So what on earth are they doing to the local mast one wonders?

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Re: No Mobile Service - Leeds LS15 8FQ

How interesting that PlusNet appatently told this customer to report a network issue to EE, when PN are their provider and the user isn't (on the face of it) an EE customer. It could almost be equated to an ISP asking a user to report a line fauilt to Openreach.

I know the EE status checker is a free webform open to (presumably) anyone to report, but that's another issue.