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No International signal

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No International signal

So phone works in EU and USA no worries. However Ethiopia, South Sudan, Djibouti and Lebanon it is not working. This is really frustrating for emergency purposes when arriving and transiting in these locations until I get a local SIM.

I called about a year ago and customer service said it is supposed to. On this form Plus Net take no responsibility for this. Locally the suppliers have no idea why it does not work. So whose at fault here?

Its clearly a technical issue whereby the providers do not connect to PN. Others work fine, O2, EE, Vodaphone etc... So why not PN, why would the international providers accept those suppliers but not PN?

Is it not possible for PN to do something about this or are we just not using a network that has enough roaming users to give it much effort?


Also ha ha, its possible to contact customer services as online chat is "full" and other option is to call... Email is not an option.

Time for a new provider I fear unless some one has a bright idea?Huh


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No International signal

Hi there, 


The countries you've mentioned aren't included in the Roam like at home plan, i.e calls/data/SMS is chargeable but it still should work. 


Could you send me a PM with your mobile number and address including postcode so I can have a look into it for you. Please update this thread when you have. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team