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No Data on iPhone 6

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No Data on iPhone 6


Apologies for being a newbie on here but not with mobile phones.  Since moving to Plusnet in May I cannot get mobile data on an Apple iPhone 6 that used to be on Vodafone. There is no option in any menu to get at any profiles and/or edit any APN's.  So at the moment I have a phone working fine on calls and text but with no option for data.  

I have read so many posts and tried (I think) all the suggestions on the forum but none have worked.  I have also been exchanging emails with Plusnet (Miles), who made me go through all the standard scripted reset routines.  They then required me to take three separate times (2 hours part) when the problem happens and send it to them to give to the Operations Team.  But as they are apparently slow to pick up emails all those are no good and must be re-done and now over the phone. 

I just don't have the time to sit on the phone with a support person that will make me go through all the same things, and get nowhere.  I also have a Samsung S6 on Plusnet that is working perfectly fine.  It is just this Apple 6.  

Ideally I would like to know if there really is a fix available (noting that I think I have tried everything) and who might be able to actually solve this for me or if I should bite the bullet and move back to an alternative carrier that is not a MVNO.


Any help really appreciated.


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Re: No Data on iPhone 6

Hi Andy.

Sorry for the delayed response.

If you're still having trouble could you send me a PM with your mobile number and I'll be happy to help out.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi