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No 4G until reboot

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No 4G until reboot



I've recently switched to from Three and very happy with the service. I just have one big issue - 4G is dropping to GPRS up several times a day. I reboot the phone and the 4G is back. This can happen 3-5 times a day, even more. It is very annoying as sometimes I am in hurry and have no time wait till reboot. This is not the phones issue, that is excluded. I have three android phones and tried rotate sim's among them 4G drops follows Plusnet sim (nothing like that ever happened with Three or Giffgaff).

After googling a little bit I've discovered that there are other users that having the same issue, but no solution has ever been found so far. So my question here is - is there anyone else having these 4G connection drops and did anyone find the solution.



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Re: No 4G until reboot

This happens on all networks it is because your 4G reception locally is weak and the phone is switching to a stronger 2G signal to save battery and give you reliable calls. You don't need to reboot your phone just turn flight mode on and off and that should force it back to 4G mode for a bit.

I am guessing you live in a rural area ?
PlusNet don't provide access to the 800Mhz 4G signal that EE customers use, so your phone has to use the higher frequency, and weaker signal. You also obviously have no 3G signal hence the drop to 2G.

On three this wouldn't happen as they don't have a 2G network, and you must have a stronger 800Mhz 4G network where you live on O2.