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Nhs Unlimited data

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Nhs Unlimited data


As we're a part of BT/EE and use EE network, Will NHS staff on Production of NHS email address get unlimited data until Oct on Plusnet ? and if not Why ?Huh

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Re: Nhs Unlimited data

Plusnet is indeed part of the BT group. They are the budget no frills supplier and do not offer many of the perks provided by their more expensive counterparts.

Whilst this is a generous gesture I have a close relative who is a nurse in a London hospital. When she comes home from a long shift all she wants to do is eat then fall into bed exhausted. As far as I am aware using gigabytes of free mobile data doesn't feature. I therefore assume that the main winners will not be those at the sharp end of dealing with this crisis.

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Re: Nhs Unlimited data

Hi @deleh43, thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid the offer of covering mobile data for NHS staff isn't something we are currently doing. If you require additional data, please send me your mobile number over private messagte so I cna have a look into your account and see what we can do to help.

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Re: Nhs Unlimited data

As an NHS GP I frequently use my own mobile phone to contact patients (using my plusnet call allowance) as well as using my plusnet data allowance for whatsapp messaging with colleagues and video consultations to patients. If Plusnet were to follow EE and offer unlimited data to NHS staff (on the production of their email address) this would not only greatly help frontline NHS staff like myself but show that Plusnet really recognise the key worker staff during this crisis who really are doing us all proud!

Perhaps plusnet management could consider this....

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Re: Nhs Unlimited data

Just out of interest, I'm not sure if any of the other budget providers (I'm thinking GiffGaff, AsdaMobile, Voxi etc) are offering unlimited data as is suggested? As far as I'm aware, they're not.

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Re: Nhs Unlimited data

Thanks for that.