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New Sim not working...

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New Sim not working...

Got my son a phone as a birthday present and a Plus net SIM.


Despite the SIM arriving earlier in the week it's not working.


I can text, but calls and data are not working 


My Plusnet sim works fine in the phone. 


Wasted ages on it so far..

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Re: New Sim not working...

I believe each sim deal has its own account, so probably a good idea to send a PM to one of the Plusnet staff regularly replying on the Mobile help board advising them of your son's account details (otherwise they won't know where to start looking.)

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Re: New Sim not working...

Is it an iPhone or android?  I've had data issues with my daughters iPhone and Plusnet said they couldn't help, despite the issues only starting when I went to Plusnet.  I resolved the problem but it needed a full factory restore and then I had to restore each individual app backup.  I'm convinced the issues are to do with the APN settings, which you can't access/view on an iPhone, but Plusnet's solution is to send another non-working SIM!