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*New* Phone and APN Settings

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Registered: ‎26-02-2021

*New* Phone and APN Settings

Hi all,

I recently change my old Plusnet HTC One M9 work mobile for a Samsung S7, so not exactly a new phone, but replacement.

After backing up the HTC, I reset the S7, installed my Plusnet SIM, (From the HTC), and carried on with the setup. Obviously during the setup, I attached to my home wireless, (Plusnet). It was only a few days later, when I was away on business in Wales, and without a wireless connection, that I realised I was having connectivity issues. Internet wouldn't work, and I couldn't send/receive in WhatsApp. When I returned to the hotel I was staying in and connected to the wireless, all that days communications came flooding through.

Returning home I contacted PlusNet support and they suggested I try the SIM back in my old phone. It didn't work in that either, so CS sent me out a new SIM.

While waiting for the replacement SIM to arrive, I continued to look for an answer, and I 'think' I found out what it was. Digging deeper into the 'Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names' I found the only one available was 'Virgin Media Mobile Internet' although I have no idea why.

After looking up APNs on the PlusNet website, I found the details that I 'thought' might be right, (see attached), and added them to my APN settings. Sure enough, it DID actually work, but I would just like confirmation that what I have done is in fact correct, that the settings are what I need. Putting a  * in 'APN Type' seems a bit odd somehow.

Also, I have now received my replacement SIM so could one of the PlusNet Help Team please tell me what I should do with it, it is unopened.

Thanks in advance.