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Going to Nepal in November. I have a sim only deal with plusnet. I know charges for calls/ texts are expensive. What about internet? Should i turn off mobile data or will it just not operate anyway. I can then just use wifi.

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Re: Nepal

You have answered your own question


Just in case click on the link below for more information

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Nepal

Hi @philji

thanks for getting in touch! 


Mobile data will work while roaming if your international access turned on in your account. 

Mobile data in Nepal is charged at £8 per MB so if you'd like to avoid data charges you can just turn mobile data off on the handset. 


We also have a Smart Cap feature on all of our accounts so this will stop you running up any large bills while away. 

If you'd like to check your international access or change your Smart Cap in preparation for your trip just drop me a private message and we can certainly look into this for you. 

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Re: Nepal

Yes, depending on your model of phone (I only really know iPhones), there should be an option for data roaming on your device. Make sure that it switched off. Trouble is it just works and can costs serious £'s as it just works as normal otherwise, especially outside the EU.

We had problems at work once where someone racked up around £12,000, and I am sure that is a bill you don't want to come home to Shocked

Usually the networks would set a cap and tell you if you're spending mega £'s, but that doesn't always happen in practise (in my experience) and you are liable.

The thing I like about EE (my network), is you have pay in advance for x Mb, and once x runs out it stops working. But you know how much you've already spent and have the option to buy more.

So yes disable data roaming and use Wi-Fi where you can.

EDIT: Thanks Sarah for your response, but for £8 per MB, I would say to the OP to definitely avoid data roaming, unless they're a recent lottery winner. Up to you if you want to use it, and I would set a bill cap (unless you want to remortage your house) but for that cost I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

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Re: Nepal

Obviously I'm too late to help the original poster, but I thought I'd add my experience in case anyone is heading to Nepal in future.


I was also in Nepal last November and roaming did not work at all for me.  Roaming was switched on (it worked in Abu Dhabi on the way there and back), but my SIM apparently did not have permission to connect to any network in Nepal.  Coverage was not the problem, there was a strong signal everywhere I went.  My companions, using other UK service providers, could roam without problems, but I was limited to "emergency calls only" the whole time I was there.