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NHS short codes

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NHS short codes

I am part of a NHS blood monitoring scheme which requires me to respond to an SMS  short code. Can you tell me why I am  being  denied this service with Plusnet? I am not aware of any other provider that denies it's users such important medical access.

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Re: NHS short codes


If you need short code access, you'll have to change provider.

This topic has been discussed many times on the forum, and while PN have not stated that they'll never introduce it, they also haven't said that they definitely will any time soon.

If things are cheap, there's usually a reason.

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Re: NHS short codes

"If things are cheap, there's usually a reason"

Not necessarily, I'm with BT for fibre and mobile and pay no more than I would with PN, less for fibre. Other services included too, e.g. short codes, wifi calling etc..

I am on a 12 months minimum mobile deal though, not 30 days.