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My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

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My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

I just thought that I'd let you know of my experience of plusnet mobile and what I think of it.



Basically it stinks.


I needed to change my rolling SO contract with VF UK, so via I found 4Gb Data, 2k Mins & UL Txts for £9 pcm, great signed up after checking that I would get coverage where I live and I got the sim on Tuesday (08/08/17), with work & commitments I wasn't able to get round to installing it until today.


So I took the old sim out of my trusty LG G4, popped the new one in and waited for it to find the signal and waited and waited and waited. Absolutely nothing, not at the top of my house, not in the road where I live, not even at the far end of my garden.


So I've cancelled it under the 14 day cooling off period clause, it was in my phone for just 30 mins, OK I'll get my money back after 5 working days, but I won't be returning anytime soon.


I feel that even though I did all the "homework" to ensure that it would work, I have been let down by PN. I mean the young lady with whom I spoke to was very good and even suggested tinkering with some settings on my phone, which should have been done automatically by the sim card, I just want something that works and this simply doesn't.


So in the end I pestered VF for a good hour and I got a deal out of them. 


OK it's not a 30 day contract anymore, they couldn't match PN, but I do have a good signal with them, but I got a 16Gb data, UL mins, UL txts, full roaming, a choice of Sky Sports, Now TV or Spotify for £19 pcm.


Now beat that PN.

Plusnet Alumni (retired) SeanCorri
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Re: My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

Hi thunderer !


Thanks for leaving some feedback today, it's much appreciated! We're always looking to improve our customer experience, so rest assured, we'll take this onboard!

Our coverage checker shows the level of coverage you should expect within your postcode area. However, our signals can also be affected by building materials, tree cover, the weather, and how many people are using the network. Without taking a look into your account, there may have also been some maintenance works on the network within your postcode area, affecting the signal that you would experience. You can check this online by visiting, where you'll be advised on an estimated time of completion.

When you receive your SIM card, we aim to give our customers a seamless network experience. Unfortunately, it appears that on this occasion, you didn't experience this! Signal issues can be down to a number of factors, however, we'll always be happy to help you get these sorted as quickly as possible!

The first step that we'd advise is to try rebooting your handset. You can do this by:

-Turning your phone off
-Taking your SIM card out
-Waiting for five minutes
-Pop your SIM card back into your phone
-Turn your phone back on

This will often reset your network settings to our network. If it doesn't, then don't hesitate to get in touch with uswe'll be more than happy to look into this for you!

I'm very sorry to hear that you've left us already! However, we'd be more than happy to welcome you onboard again in the future! We're always updating our cracking deals online, so take a look at our website and give our friendly Sales Team a call on 0800 0791133 - Option 2, who will be more than happy to process your order for you! -Sean

 Sean Corri
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Re: My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

...and how does access to only part of the EE network affect such experiences?  Is the network coverage map based on the full EE coverage profile ... or just the bit Plusnet mobile is allowed to use - that is the area excluding ...

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Re: My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

Sorry it's taken so long to answer, family issues have taken priority.


I tried putting the sim into my previous phone and despite me living just about ½ mile from a mast which carries EE and despite me trying everywhere in the house & garden, I got no signal, which sort of defeats the whole idea of changing networks and I tried what you said and it didn't make any difference, so I rang up and cancelled the contract there & then.


And what is more irritating is I still keep being sent invoices for the account.


In the end I stayed with my current provider Vodafone with which I can get a signal and signed a new contract with them for 12 months.


So unless EE/Plusnet can seriously improve the coverage in the GU5 area, I won't be bothering trying EE/Plusnet again.

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Re: My mobile contract lasted just 30 mins.

I've replied to your other thread, thunderer, but in the interest of sorting this as quickly as possible for you, I've replied to your other thead here:


For future reference for other customers who may be perusing the forums with such an issue, it sounds to me like the SIM hadn't been activated yet, but without accessing the account it's difficult to say conclusively. 


Please drop me a Private Message whenever you're ready and we can get the invoices sorted.


Additionally, I do hope things are okay family-wise for you. 

 Michael Williams
 Plusnet Help Team