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Mobile data and smart cap

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Mobile data and smart cap


I travelled to India recently. I had mobile data switched off and flight mode selected. When the aircraft landed I took off the flight  mode. Immediately I started getting text messages giving me warning that roaming could incur charges. I ignored these messages as I had mobile data turned off and no phone calls were made and none received. Before I had even left the airport I was informed that my smart cap of £10.00 Had been totally depleted. 

After I returned to UK, I contacted Plusnet and stated that how is it possible to use roaming mobile data when mobile data is turned off. The answer I received was that I did not inform Plusnet and request Mobile data to be turned off. Is this correct and do other mobile operators have this in there terms and conditions.

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Re: Mobile data and smart cap

Hi @SoSo

While we can international roaming on or off at a network level for you, you don’t need to tell us to do it as your handset should be able to prevent data roaming fine.

Was data fully turned off as well as data roaming?

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