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Mobile data/account upgrade

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Mobile data/account upgrade

Hello... as a broadband customer I have four mobile phone accounts with you... 

Looking at the current offers available for "Broadband customer +2 free gb" of data these are much better offers than the current rates, I had assumed/expected that these would be visible to choose from the "upgrade account" option in the app/on the site, but that just shows the standard packages.

(e.g. one of the phones is on a low 2Gb at £7.87/month tariff, there's a "deal" offered at 4.5Gb at £6/month, but the only upgrade showing is 4Gb at £8/month which doesn't seem helpful.)

Is the easiest option here to simply re-apply and use a PAC code to create new accounts? Or should there be a way for me to do this some other way? (obviously I'd rather not take up anyones time trying to call the call centre at this time)


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Re: Mobile data/account upgrade

The only way to access those deals is through CS on the phone.  Normally OK but obviously problematic at the moment.