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Mobile calls to Vietnam - Pricing

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Mobile calls to Vietnam - Pricing

Have I got this right but from what I can find - took some finding I might add, it seems Plusnet charge 198.5p per minute for calls to Vietnam!


I was thinking about getting mobile as an add on but at that price I won't bother. I currently pay at most, 7p a minute mobile to mobile and quite frequently phone totally free of charge (via WiFi), including video calls that last for a long time using Viber.


So try and justify such a high rate, mobile to mobile. Sounds more like a rip off. You've certainly lost me as a customer.

Ever helpful. Grin Sure, I’d love to help you out. Now which way did you come in?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Mobile calls to Vietnam - Pricing

Hi idonno!

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way! If you're within the UK, and making calls to Vietnam - which is within Band 7 of our country banding list, you're correct that the cost of the call will be £2 per minute.

I completely understand that the usage from mobile to mobile calls can be deducted from your bundle allowance, if not free, however, this is only the case when calling within the UK or within the EU, on our new Roam Like At Home plans. 

If you're calling a foreign number outside of the EU, this is classed as an international call and therefore, does come with a cost of £2 per minute - regardless of mobile to mobile, or mobile to landline connection.

You can check out all of our roaming charges over at -

- Rebeka