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Mobile Number Port

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Mobile Number Port


Can I use my old SIM whilst my mobile port is in process?


Also, I've just 30 minutes ago requested a port - received the 'can you confirm these details are correct' text, is there another one after that or can I switch SIM?



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Re: Mobile Number Port

Yes, it’ll take about a day or two. When the port happens your old one will stop working and then you swap it with the new one. Worth carrying the new one around with you so you’re prepared when it does.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Mobile Number Port

Hi @DomWall


It's great to have you on board!


Once you've confirmed your details for the number port via text, there should be one more SMS to let you know it's been accepted.


If this hasn't come through, please send me a private message so I can access your account and check it's all going ahead for you Smiley

Any other questions you have for us, include these in the message too!


Thank you