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Mobile Internet

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Re: Mobile Internet

I'm having exactly the same issue - 2 different SIM cards sent to me, and neither get a data connection. I've contacted customer service 4 times in the past week and the last time (yesterday) they said it would be 'escalated to their technical team'. It has nothing to do with porting your number, as I havent even initiated that process yet.

Come on Plusnet, there is obviously an issue here and so far your response has not been good enough. You need to sort this out. Its not been a great start.

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Re: Mobile Internet

I also have not been able to enable internet connection after following the APN settings Plusnet advise. When trying to gain technical help via Livechat, an operator - [CSA Removed], advised that they had data issues. There was not a satisfactory response when I pointed out that this was over 4 days and that she had not even checked my phone settings. When I finally requested a PAC number the response I received was that I had to contact the Cancellations Team. When I requested their details I was given the wrong number and incorrectly advised I would get a transcript of the conversation. Going to find another mobile provider as this shows Plusnet as a useless service. 

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Re: Mobile Internet

There is clearly an issue with the ability to supply services and the high demand for people to join. What I can't understand is why plusnet continue to ship sims. Every time I have called CS about the data issues it has taken over 20 minutes to get through. The CS reps have clearly not been told there is an issue or been told to deny it.

Dont let them fob you off. Excuses so far 

it's your phone contact apple - err it's not it works fine with a EE sim in

put it in airplane mode for x minutes remove the sim put it back in blah blah

i have escalated to our operations department

EE are having problems - No they are not trust me


May I suggest if you have Twitter you vent your displeasure on there. They clearly do not read this forum. 




use the #Plusnetmobile and #Notdoingmeproud 



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Re: Mobile Internet

My 4g is working and early impressions are that it is faster than Vodafone.
Thank you for sorting this for me and I hope everyone else is sorted soon.
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Re: Mobile Internet

Hi all,

Just an update to let you know that the data issue has now been resolved. Our network engineers have been working hard overnight to correct the configuration issue which caused no access to mobile data. We sincerely apologise for the loss of service you have experienced during this time and we'll be contacting all who have been affected.

Thank you for your patience.

- Rebeka 

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Mobile Internet


I have followed the APN settings linked above but still have no internet access. Is there anyting else I need to do to get an internet connection.