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Mobile Data Does Not Work

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Registered: ‎12-12-2020

Mobile Data Does Not Work


My partner recently moved to the UK from the Netherlands and I ordered him a SIM from PlusNet as I am with them already and have had no problems relating to their coverage etc., but after a while we noticed his phone does not work outside the home (on data). I have tried to Google the issue, check the compatibility and everything I can think of but I am wondering if its possible that his phone just doesn't work on a UK network?


He has a Nokia 6.1 which I can see available to buy in the UK but this one was purchased in the Netherlands.


I was hoping someone could help or provide me with a direction to look into this more?


Kind Regards, Bex

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Re: Mobile Data Does Not Work

Hi  Bexx24

Have you checked the phone setting see below and tried his sim in your phone