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Message when data running low?

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Message when data running low?

Does plusnet notify you when you are running low on data/are starting to use your safety cap?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Message when data running low?

Hi Prof_g! Thanks for getting in touch today!


At Plusnet mobile, we want you to stay in control of what you spend! That's why we'll send you a text once you've used 80% of your allowance, and again once you've used 100%! If you do start to use your Smart Cap, then you'll also receive these warning texts!

Your Smart Cap can be set to anything between £2 and £30, giving you the choice of how much you can spend outside of your allowance!

We can also set up Bundle Notification texts for you, that can be sent either daily or weekly (on a day of your choice), so that you can keep track of what you've used so far, and what you have left to use. If you need an update between these times, then head on over to your online My Account where you'll be able to view your current usage!

If you have any questions at all, then please don't hesitate to drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter, via Live Chat on our website, via this Forum, or give us a call on 0800 0791133 - Option 1, and our friendly Customer Service Team will be more than happy to help -Sean Smiley

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Re: Message when data running low?

Beware the warning for SMS can be a bit slow coming ?

Here’s an example from my usage last month...

It was the last day of the then current 30 day bundle and I had about 1 Gb of data left of my monthly 2 Gb and as I was away from home on holiday and knowing the bundle would renew at midnight I thought I would spend awhile monitoring my home IP cameras that use about 2 Mb a second in low res streaming mode.

At about 10 PM that night I checked my data balance and all was well with-in my allowance but called it a day with the cameras.

Next day checking my PN account had renewed, sure enough it had and I had the full 2 Gb balance for this the current month.

Roll on to about 8:30 AM, eight and a half hours after my bundle renewed I had the SMS warning my data was low but in truth it wasn’t, it was 9 hours before but it was not when I actually got the message. So watch out if you’re using something that’s data hungry as the warning may be too late.