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Message not sent, phone number formatted incorrectly.

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Message not sent, phone number formatted incorrectly.

I feel I'm running round in circles with this one.

Last Monday my wife sent me a text at work, when I replied I received this message on my phone "Message not sent, phone number formatted incorrectly". I tried several times and same message.

Deleted her from my contacts and added her again as a new contact using both formats +44 and 07749, but same message.

She is also a Plusnet customer.

I sent a text to my son and daughter who are on different networks and they both received my texts, it's only my wife's number that I have the issue with. I can call her number and send WhatsApp messages, but no text.

When I got home I contacted Plusnet who suggested turning my phone off, removing my sim for 5 minutes, then putting it back in, turning the phone on and trying again. That didn't work.

Next suggestion was to try my sim in another phone. Tried that and didn't work.

He then told me that a new sim would be sent out and required activation. I received that today, activated the sim and still doesn't send a text to my wife.

Tried my wife's sim in 2 different phones and I still get the same message when I send a text. She can send texts to my number from any phone and has no problem receiving texts from other members of our family.

I called Plusnet again after activating the sim on my phone and was told that I must have entered her number wrongly in my contacts, well that is wrong if I can call her and send a WhatsApp.

I was then told that because she has an iphone it is due to iMessenger, so to prove that is also wrong I tried the sim in my son's iphone and his girlfriends, I still get the same message.

I refuse to call customer support again as I feel like a hamster on a wheel, getting nowhere fast. If they can't fix an issue like this both contracts will be cancelled.

I was told by support that if the new sim card doesn't work then the problem will be escalated to technical support, but when I mentioned this on my call, I got no confirmation on that.

p.s. "Message not sent, phone number formatted incorrectly" is a generic message that appears on android devices and doesn't mean you have entered a number wrongly in your contacts.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Message not sent, phone number formatted incorrectly.

Hello @Irishrover


I am deeply sorry to hear about the on-going issues you are having with sending an SMS message to your wife's mobile number.


It is odd that this is constantly occurring, despite trying multiple devices. You have done all the checks we would ask you.


More than likely, I will have to raise your query with our Mobile Operations Team to further investigate this matter.


Before that, I want to have a check into your account, to see if there is anything I can identify that might be causing this issue.


Can you please Private Message me the following details:-


- Your full name

- Your mobile number

- Your full home address, including your postcode

- Your Wife's Plusnet mobile number


Many thanks.