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Login issues/Roam at Home

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Login issues/Roam at Home

Good morning,


I am currently having issues logging into the MyAccount page to assess whether my contract is eligible for Roam At Home as I am heading to Germany on Friday for the weekend. Unfortunately when I try to login with my mobile it simply says "something has gone wrong, try again". Please help!

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Re: Login issues/Roam at Home

Hi sgregory1984,

I am sorry to hear that you're having a few issues with logging in to your online My Account! I will suggest a few troubleshooting steps to get you back up and running today Smiley

>Firstly, please try an alternate device or browser or clear cache and cookies on the current one before logging in to ensure that there are no stored passwords etc.

>Please then also ensure that you are logging in to as opposed to the broadband page

>Be sure to use your Account Number (can be found in the top right of your bill) as your username when logging in.

>Please update your password, and try using an underscore ( _ ) as your 'special character'

Could I also get you to send me a PM with your full name and address so that we can whizz through some security please? This way I will be able to access your account and ensure that all roaming services are enabled on your SIM Smiley

With regards to Roam Like At Home; all contracts taken out after June 2017 have this feature enabled as standard. So if you have signed up since then, this will be the case with your account also Smiley

I hope this helps, and will be sure to continue to assist via PM Smiley

 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team