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Locked Out of Voicemail

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Registered: ‎21-05-2020

Locked Out of Voicemail

I an desperate for some help. I have searched the forum, tried all suggestions but can not get a solution.

I set the pin on my voicemail and now when I call the voicemail service from my phone it asks me to enter my pin, after I enter it the response comes back and tells me the pin you have entered is incorrect.

I know the pin I am entering is correct but it will not accept it.

I called customer services and they suggested all the things I have already tried (use 1234,111,11111,0000 etc) now they have said it will take up to 5 days to reset it.

After reading the problems that other users have had with this not being done I have no faith that it will be done correctly.

I have elderly relatives that I am having to look after and a relative in hospital with Covid-19 and if I get an urgent call that goes to voicemail no way of knowing it has happened or being able to retrieve it.

It is ridiculous that you have to wait 5 days and then just hope.

Plusnet was founded on providing what they seem to think is great customer service, how is this great customer service?

I haven't even received a confirmation email saying the reset has been requested, how do I know it will be done and has anyone got any suggestion how I can get this sorted out quickly, I'm desperate.