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Leaving Plusnet

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Leaving Plusnet

With the monthly rolling contract, does the DD stop when you port your number away or do you have to do something else?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Leaving Plusnet

Hi @SirLurkalot


thanks for getting in touch! 

You can end your contract in two ways, you can port your number out by either adding 30 days notice to your account, after the 30 days your account will close down. 

Alternatively if you take your PAC to another network, once this is processed the account will close down within two hours. 

The Direct Debit on the account will stay active until you cancel it, we would recommend keeping the Direct Debit active in case there are any outstanding payments due. If you'd like me to look into your account and check on this just drop me a private message and I'll be happy to help.