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Leaving Plusnet - double data?

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Leaving Plusnet - double data?

Title says it all.


I'm considering leaving PN for Broadband and want to know if I will loose the double data I get?



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Re: Leaving Plusnet - double data?

I believe that you will, the deal is classed as "Mates Rates" and if you are no longer a mate then the offer will be lost.

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Re: Leaving Plusnet - double data?

If it's Mates Rates then you lose that if you transfer your Broadband or home phone away leaving you only with PlusNet Mobile.

If you've no longer got either a broadband or home phone service, you'll lose your extra Mates Rates mobile allowance.

So you'll still pay the same for your SIM only plan, but you won't have the extra data. We'll email to let you know about the changes, and you'll see your new mobile allowance on the next bill you get after moving your broadband and home phone.

Remember anyone else in your household will also lose their Mates Rates that are linked your broadband or phone service.

I think any Double Data deals from limited offers can be kept.

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