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Lack of service

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Lack of service

Some time ago my landline started to have a loud buzzing on it for voice calls ( Broadband is OK) - to the point where it is unusable.  Plusnet blame BT, BT blame Plusnet.  Long and short I just use the Mobile.

Repeatedly over the last  2 months the mobile network has been down and the EE checker always has the surprised sounding message that basically says ' There's a problem, we're on it, good sevice in 6 hours.'.  First few times maybe this was a surprise but as we are now on about the 20th time in 2 months it probably has lost that element of suprise a bit. Certainly has for me.

So,  how do I contact Plusnet to say the network service level is rubbish?  'Give us a ring' Errrr  - no I can't, my landline sounds like it's shared with a chainsaw and my mobile is down.   'Go to our online chat'  It's offline.     Maybe I could email them?  No, no email that I can find.

Any ideas?


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Re: Lack of service

@AlistairNorman  Welcome to the forum.

Follow the links in the phone trouble shooter and with a bit of luck it will automatically raise a fault ticket.

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