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Is there an easier way to cancel?

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Is there an easier way to cancel?

I have a Plusnet mobile sim which is on a 30 day contract.


Only way seems to be to call them if I want to cancel? I tried to call last month and after 40 minutes waiting, nobody answered.


Cancelled the DD but now I have a £10 late fee!


Why do they make it so difficult to cancel? Other providers have the ability to cancel online. Surely they can’t expect you to wait on the phone for hours?


Im happy to email or do a chat service but nope, I must call them where they clearly don’t have enough staff to deal with it, it’s really not good enough and then they have the front to charge me a late fee! Make it easier to cancel then!

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Re: Is there an easier way to cancel?


Yes, if you are moving to a different mobile operator, all you need to do is send a text, see

I suggest that you reinstate your DD and pay your bill or you will have problems with debt collectors and probably damage your credit record.

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