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Is Plusnet Mobile any good?

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Is Plusnet Mobile any good?

They’re offering a good deal online, £8 a month for 3.5Gb of data and they let you tether for free too. Tired of the [-Censored-]e signal on three mobile. Think Plusnet uses EE. Anyone got any experience with them? Cheers

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Re: Is Plusnet Mobile any good?

There's actually a better deal than that at the moment (until 26th May) 5GB for £8 or 7GB if you already have PlusNet broadband

PlusNet are an EE MVNO(virtual network operator) and there are  two things to be aware of :-

1) PlusNet dont have access to one of the EE 4g bands (Band 20) so check the PlusNet coverage map for your areas

2) PlusNet dont support the sending of texts to 'short code' numbers (with the exception of the text to PAC ones)


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Re: Is Plusnet Mobile any good?

Hi  ashilnayak2

I have been with PlusNet for a few years from the Life days and find it very good but as said previously you cannot get short text codes if you need them PlusNet is not for you    If not I would give it a try

I find this a good site to check coverage you can put in your actual address


USwitch is a site to check offers


As PlusNet only offer 30 day deals to new customers I think (existing can still get 12 month deals )  if you find it's not suitable you can easy leave