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Inundated with Premium number calls

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Inundated with Premium number calls

I''m being swamped with premium number calls. If Plusnet can identify these as premium numbers and state this on my phone, why can't I have the option to block them. Individually blocking them is futile as they just call from other numbers. Every single [-Censored-] day. I've had enough now and I'm looking for providers who can offer this facility

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Re: Inundated with Premium number calls

To the best of my knowledge no communications provider (CP) may block identified inbound calls on your behalf. Such call blocking must be done by the subscriber using the facilities provided by their telephone equipment.

There are obligations on CPs to not route calls having invalid CLI but few do so, but apparently O2 does - see

Most providers offer anonymous call reject, but if a caller presents a valid CLI the call will not be blocked.

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