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International roaming EU – not so easy

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International roaming EU – not so easy

I thought it would be easy – but no so

Went to the Rep of Ireland for the weekend.

Just wanted to make a call to a UK mobile.

The phone is my wife's old Galaxy S4 (I bought her a new S8 for her birthday!)

Phone starts looking for a network.

Mobile data and data roaming are enabled on the phone.

Network mode LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)

Phone can’t find network even though phone is set to ‘Automatically select preferred network’. I’m presuming that the phone will connect to a provider that 'Plusnet' has a commercial arrangement with.

Called Plusnet C/services but I never got past the multitude of security questions before I lost the net connection – so gave up.

My old Galaxy S2 on T-mobile would work everywhere I took it (Fiji and other Pacific far out places) but this handset is proving a challenge.

Any thoughts as I travel out of the UK quite frequently

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: International roaming EU – not so easy

Sorry to hear you're having some roaming issues, g0uihsteve.


If it's a problem with the new handset, the most likely cause is an old profile saved on there from a prior network.


If you could delete all of the existing profiles on there, and then attempt to connect, you should have more luck.


If this doesn't work, or if you need any help with deleting old profiles, please drop me a Private Message Smiley

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Re: International roaming EU – not so easy

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

Handset is not new but was totally wiped.

Originally when my wife had it, it was on EE.

I purchased a new S8 for her and I wiped and re-formated the S4 and now run this as my main phone on Plusnet

The only profile currently on it is my existing one.

As I'm now back in the UK I can't test if any changes actually work or not.

I'm off to France and Germany shortly - will see if the same thing happens there.

Best regards,



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Re: International roaming EU – not so easy

As a PS, my issue seems to be related to an already mentioned problem with roaming.

'MisterW' highlights it perfectly here on another thread with the same symptoms exactly what I was experiencing.


I suppose I just buy a local simcard for the country I’m in. A bit of a PITA but at least the phone will work

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Re: International roaming EU – not so easy

It sounds like it already is, but double check your phone is unlocked. PlusNet use EE, so it could be - though best if you can get hold of a SIM on another physical network and see if it works and your phone doesn't complain. Or just get one and put a bit of credit on it, if you're not sure.

I've done the local SIM route a few times in Spain and Australia mainly because it is so much cheaper than roaming costs. The main issues are your phone book, but since most phones store it in internal memory now that shouldn't be an issue.

Also you'll be contactable on a different local number not your usual one. That is the main pain - you'll won't know it until you buy a local SIM and you'll have to give that number to anyone you want to be able to contact you.

As you rightly say @g0uihsteve it is a bit of a pain, but it is not too bad in the end.